5. November 2020

How do you manage your online reviews?

Webinar on 19. November

Online reputation management becomes increasingly more important with more and more review site being available for employee and customer reviews across all sectors like banking, insurances, retail, automotive or any other location- based business.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through ways how ReviewTrackers, SAP/Qualtrics and Kantar can help you to retain employees and customers, turn customers into fans, employees into ambassadors and change your business operations into a „System of Action“. 

Learn ways to build trust and strong relationships with customers and employees and attract new patrons to your business through:

– combining review, experience and operational data
Enrich your operational data with data collected from various review sites to ensure that every business decision is based on both facts and the intangibles

– centralizing reputation management
Find and organize online reviews across touchpoints from desktop, mobile, app or social media and see them alongside other streams in your portals and dashboards to spot emerging issues across channels.

– elevating the customer experience
Identify unhappy customers and employees, hand them over to your sales, customers and HR service team and let them respond to negative reviews (regardless of where they’re posted) while there’s still time to resolve the problem.

– accentuating positive reviews
Uncover positive reviews quickly and then share them across your social accounts to spread the good news—and enhance your overall brand reputation.

Tune in!

Date: Thursday, November 19th

Length: 45 minutes

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Tobias Reiland
Senior Director Business Development & Alliances

Thomas Lietzow
Director Business Development CX

Chris Erhart
Channel Manager

Martin Meyer-Gossner
Customer Experience Solution Strategist